This is my list of publications and preprints. The ‘dagger’ symbol, i.e. \( {}^\dagger \), indicates equal contribution. The ‘double dagger’ symbol, i.e. \( {}^\ddagger \), is listed for authors that jointly directed said work.

ICML 2020
M. Moor, M. Horn, B. Rieck, and K. Borgwardt
Abstract We propose a novel approach for preserving topological structures of the input space in latent representations of autoencoders. Using persistent homology, a technique from topological data analysis, we calculate topological signatures of both the input and latent space to derive a topological loss term. Under weak theoretical assumptions, we construct this loss in a differentiable manner, such that the encoding learns to retain multi-scale connectivity information. We show that our approach is theoretically well-founded and that it exhibits favourable latent representations on a synthetic manifold as well as on real-world image data sets, while preserving low reconstruction errors.

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Early Prediction of Sepsis in the ICU using Machine Learning: A Systematic Review
Michael Moor\(^\dagger\), Bastian Rieck\(^\dagger\), Max Horn, Catherine R Jutzeler\(^\ddagger\), and Karsten Borgwardt\(^\ddagger\).
Preprint, medRxiv:2020.08.31.20185207v1, 2020.

Machine Learning for Biomedical Time Series Classification: From Shapelets to Deep Learning
Christian Bock\(^\dagger\), Michael Moor\(^\dagger\), Catherine R Jutzeler, and Karsten Borgwardt.
In Artificial Neural Networks, pp. 33-71. Humana, New York, NY.

Enhancing Statistical Power in Temporal Biomarker Discovery through Representative Shapelet Mining
Thomas Gumbsch, Christian Bock, Michael Moor, Bastian Rieck, and Karsten Borgwardt.
Accepted for presentation at ECCB 2020.

Learning Individualized Treatment Rules with Estimated Translated Inverse Propensity Score
Zhiliang Wu, Yinchong Yang, Yunpu Ma, Yushan Liu, Rui Zhao, Michael Moor, and Volker Tresp.
Accepted for presentation at ICHI 2020.

Path Imputation Strategies for Signature Models
Michael Moor, Max Horn, Christian Bock, Karsten Borgwardt, and Bastian Rieck.
Accepted for presentation at the Workshop on the Art of Learning with Missing Values (Artemiss) at ICML 2020. Slides.

Topological Autoencoders
Michael Moor\(^\dagger\), Max Horn\(^\dagger\), Bastian Rieck\(^\ddagger\), Karsten Borgwardt\(^\ddagger\).
Accepted for presentation at ICML 2020. Recorded Talk

Set Functions for Time Series
Max Horn, Michael Moor, Christian Bock, Bastian Rieck, and Karsten Borgwardt.
Accepted for presentation at ICML 2020.

Path Imputation Strategies for Signature Models of Irregular Time Series
Michael Moor, Max Horn, Christian Bock, Karsten Borgwardt, and Bastian Rieck.
Preprint, arXiv:2005.12359, 2020.

Early prediction of circulatory failure in the intensive care unit using machine learning
Stephanie L. Hyland\(^\dagger\), Martin Faltys\(^\dagger\), Matthias Hüser\(^\dagger\), Xinrui Lyu\(^\dagger\), Thomas Gumbsch\(^\dagger\), Cristóbal Esteban, Christian Bock, Max Horn, Michael Moor, Bastian Rieck, Marc Zimmermann, Dean Bodenham, Karsten Borgwardt\(^\ddagger\), Gunnar Rätsch\(^\ddagger\), and Tobias M. Merz\(^\ddagger\).
Nature Medicine, Volume 26, Issue 3, pp. 364–373, March 2020.


Early Recognition of Sepsis with Gaussian Process Temporal Convolutional Networks and Dynamic Time Warping
Michael Moor, Max Horn, Bastian Rieck, Damian Roqueiro, Karsten Borgwardt.
Proceedings of the 4th Machine Learning for Healthcare Conference (MLHC), Volume 106 of Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, pp. 2–26, August 2019. (Poster)

Neural Persistence: A Complexity Measure for Deep Neural Networks Using Algebraic Topology
Bastian Rieck\(^\dagger\), Christian Bock\(^\dagger\), Matteo Tognialli\(^\dagger\), Michael Moor, Max Horn, Thomas Gumbsch, Karsten Borgwardt.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), 2019. (Poster)

Quantification of Liver, Subcutaneous, and Visceral Adipose Tissues by MRI Before and After Bariatric Surgery Anne Christin Meyer-Gerspach, Ralph Peterli, Michael Moor, Philipp Madörin, Andreas Schötzau, Diana Nabers, Stefan Borgwardt, Christoph Beglinger, Oliver Bieri, Bettina Wölnerhanssen.
Obesity surgery, Volume 29, Issue 9, pp. 2795-2805. Mai 2019.


Association mapping in biomedical time series via statistically significant shapelet mining
Christian Bock, Thomas Gumbsch, Michael Moor, Bastian Rieck, Damian Roqueiro, Karsten Borgwardt.
Bioinformatics, Volume 34, Issue 13, pp. i438-i446, July 2018.